Corporate Social Responsibility

Give back to get back

As an industry, the trends and mass consumption of Denims cannot undermine the Denim environmental and ethical footprint it creates. We promoting sustainable designs to bring a change in the way we perceive our jeans.

From our inception, we have been involved in various CSR initiatives and strive to make the world a better place to live in. By giving an edge to our core values and inculcating a sustainable plan of action, we have always believed in giving utmost service to the community.

A glimpse of the ways we have done this over the years

Medical assistance to the families of our workers

To promote the well being of all our workers we have medical centers based in our factories open to all our workers and their families. Furthermore, we provide outdoor medical services in case of emergencies and health and nutrition tips for children and youngsters.

Initiative towards Healthy Living:

Special attention is given to the health issues like nutrition, child marriage, birth control, reproductive health, hand washing, AIDS and vaccinations. The necessary training programs are conducted by the leading NGOs like Phulki and BSR to increase awareness. Female workers are also provided with low-cost sanitary napkins. These measures encourage our workers to lead healthier and happier lives, thereby eliminating poverty and augmenting economic prosperity.

Occupational training to the rural population

Potential employees with the potential are by Armana with an emphasis on the rural areas. They are provided with transport facilities and food allowances to make their lives easier. Special training on occupational and life skills are imparted to them from an early age at our in-purpose built training centers. In doing so, we are breaking all stereotypes and barriers of disparity at work, and promoting social equality in the community.

Extending aid in education:

High-quality education is of utmost importance and our all factories lend their support to schools near them and provide them with books, stationery and other educational implements. Meritorious children of the workers are also granted financial aid to eliminate their school and examination fees.

Supplying water to the local farmers and supporting irrigation:

We pay homage to the local farmers by providing them with water from the biological ETP during dry months. This water helps them in agriculture and paddy cultivation. It’s a great way to give back to the farmers and thank them for their hard work and sacrifice, as they work tirelessly in the fields feeding the population.