Staff Welfare Programs

Happy and Satisfied Employees Equal to Productive Employees

We at The Armana Group believe that our employees are our greatest assets. They help give us a competitive advantage through their hard work, dedication and attitude towards challenges. In turn we provide them with the stimuli and encouragement to make them feel like an integral part of the Group’s mission.

Our welfare programs ensure the staff’s basic needs are met promptly, considering their wellbeing and satisfaction is the key to productivity.

Fair Price Shop:

Common is various Asian countries; these shops provide daily essentials and commodities at wholesale prices to our employees at affordable prices.

Training Center:

Our in-house training center orients new recruits with their respective skills training and additionally about the company, its mission and their rights and responsibilities.

Health Programs:

Healthy workers are productive workers, hence we collaborated with brands and NGOs to educate our workers about health, hygiene and subsequent productivity enhancement programs.

  • BSR has in tandem with The Armana Group to introduce the HER (Health Enables Return) Program for our female workers to focus on their health and hygiene.
  • NGO Phulki and The Armana Group work towards educating employees on the ills of child marriage and the importance of reproductive health, teaching them how and why to use contraceptives, importance of maternal health, especially during pregnancy and more.
  • Female workers are provided with feminine products at subsidized rates under the Women Health Program Initiative (WHPI)
  • Basic medical facilities are extended to our workers and their families along with free medication for common ailments.

International Labour Standards:

The Armana Group of Industries is particular about following National and International labour standards and conventions so our workers receive fair treatment and the remuneration they deserve. We follow the International Human Rights and strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women in our organization. We also condemn child or forced labour in any form whatsoever.