Trusted By Global Brands

Armana Group: Where Trust Forms the Basis of Global Brand Production

With collaboration at the helm, our merchandising and buying teams work closely with brands to offer the right design and product solutions to propel them forward making them more appealing to their target audiences.

The Armana Group firmly believes in maintaining consistent quality, prompt deliveries, customized production and competitive pricing. These qualities have thrust our organization to establish a trust-based relationship with the global brands. They have faith in our abilities to conform to their requirements and quality standards which is why global brands like GAP have entrusted us to work with them on VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) model that requires acumen and a keen eye for detail thorough analysis and weekly forecasting. 

In view of our stringent quality checks, consistent output and timely deliveries, global brands like H&M, Levis, and GAP have empowered us with Self-Inspection, a process that allows our in-house experts to permit the stocks for dispatch on behalf of our clients. This showcases the trust and faith the premier brands repose in us.