Manpower Details

Our Biggest Asset: Our Workers

The Armana Group is the pioneer of denim-manufacturing and exporting in Bangladesh.

We owe this meteoric rise to our hard working and dedicated workforce that readily goes beyond the call of duty to fulfill project obligations and maintain the standard of quality. We have created a niche for ourselves as being one of the most preferred employers in the apparel industry in Bangladesh.

Empowering Our Workforce:

With over 20,000 skilled employees operating in a worker-friendly environment, The Armana Group consciously empowers their female employees who represent a large part of the workforce.

Our collaborations with NGOs ensure that our female workforce enjoys a sustainable livelihood simultaneously helping them attain knowledge, self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Presently, nearly 42 per cent of Armana Group's workforce comprises women with equal opportunities as their male counterparts and the chance to improve their livelihood.